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Activity Book for Prek. the Most Complete Activity Book Toddler Fun Learning Guide 100 Exercises Featuring Basic Concepts for Mastery (Letters, Shapes
Paperback - English

This activity book has over 100 templates for your child to complete. These templates introduce or reinforce key concepts such as letters, shapes, numbers and colors. These concepts are presented through the hands-on activity of coloring, which improves mastery at a faster pace as opposed to verbal education. The Activity Book for Prek. The Most Complete Activity Book Toddler Fun Learning Guide 100 Exercises featuring Basic Concepts for Mastery (Letters, Shapes, Numbers and Colors) has invested in the following activities: Coloring Letters A-Z Not only do the templates ask your child to color the images, they also introduce the beginning letter sounds. This way, your child learns a bit of phonics while mastering the letter names. Naming and Coloring Shapes This activity book features 2D shapes including circle, square, triangle, rectangle, pentagon, and so on. The shapes even have cute faces to make them appear friendly and therefore, fun to study. Coloring Numbers Because this activity book has been created specifically for preschoolers, numbers are presented in order of sequence. 1 comes before 2 and 3 and so on. To become familiar with counting, your child will be asked to color the numbers and maybe read their word equivalents too. Connect the Dots Would you like your child to count beyond 10? Then go for connect the dots This activity book includes dotted images to link. Can your child guess what the mysterious images are? But that's not all. This 8.5 x 8.5 inches activity book has bonus coloring pages, too Take a peek to see what they are

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