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Secrets Of Golden Numbers: A Numerology Guide For Attracting Abundance and Good Fortune
By Yap, Gracy        
Paperback - English

Forecasting of your life is possible if you learn how to analyze the numbers in your birth date and name. Your birth numbers and name can be systematically studied, analyzed and interpreted to reveal the potential for wealth luck, career luck, business luck and marriage luck that you are born with. The rise and fall of your fortune lie in the secrets of golden numbers encoded in your birth date and name Using the ancient science of numbers to guide you in making the right choices will help you to plan ahead of time and avoid the pitfalls in life. This is a quick guide to attracting abundance using Pythagorean and Chaldean Numerology. In this book you will find number cures and case studies of people who made their millions in property and in winning the USA state lottery and 4D. You will crack the secret codes in numerology to discover how they did it and how you can too You will be taught how to work out your cycles for luck and how to magnify your lucky number vibrations. You will find this a reliable and an easy to use self-help tool that will equip you to be your own oracle in money matters Now any novice to numerology can master his destiny.

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