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The Theology of the Holy Spirit
Paperback - English

I believe that divorce is occurring far too easily and often, and most of the time without consideration of the hurt and damage to the children of the marriage. Marriage is one of the ministries of the Holy Spirit and he moves through the hearts of married couples to bring their marriage to a happy and successful marriage. However, Satan is always throwing darts and stumbling blocks to bring problems into the marriage. Some people harden their hearts against God, the Holy Spirit and do not want hear or listen to His guidance. This nonfiction book journeys into the subject of marriage, providing theological insight on what God's Word shares on how to build and sustain a happy marriage. The book goes through several aspects of the Bible to express God's intentions for marriage from the beginning. This Book shows God's perspective on marriage through the use of scriptural references and allows readers to understand the purpose of marriages from the Bible and how we should treat marriage as a gift to glorify God. Charting the Bible's references to marriage in the book encourages the development of God's idea for marriage within readers. Several issues in a marriage are discussed at length in the manuscript, with observations on how current dating and marriage situations emerge in real life that are accurate to what readers feel.

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