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Imprisoned To Empowered: Unlock YOU.
Paperback - English

This book began life as a passion project after discovering a disconnect between the power we are told we have, and the true, divine nature of everything that is actually available to each and every one of us. This easy to digest book lays out practical way to radically transform your life if you feel trapped in any way. It begs of you to get going and then goes beyond motivation, providing you you tools and clear paths. These guidelines provide you with clearer perspectives, so that you can start to act on behalf of even greater possibilities for yourself now and in the future. Chelsea puts everything in your hands so that you can decide for yourself what is applicable to you, allowing you to leave whatever is left at the door. The window into her life through stories and snippets provides glimpses of the moments that brought her to this new way of being, despite years of childhood trauma, insecurity, and uncertainty.Have a pen and journal handy- you WILL be needing it. To become a true gardener, you must pluck the weed from the root, so grab a shovel and get ready to dig in.

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