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An in Depth Analysis on How to Avoid Violent Confrontations with Law Enforcement
Paperback - English

Violent confrontations between law enforcement and the public are on the rise and fueling a national debate. This book answers the question, how can we stop these violent confrontations from occurring in the first place? Written by former Los Angeles Police Officer Michael Lewis, An In Depth Analysis on How to Avoid Violent Confrontations with Law Enforcement, is a satirical book and one of the shortest books ever written. However, the book's message is not satirical but a message which every parent should tell their child. It's a message seldom stated by the media, politicians or even law enforcement. Over my career I know that the vast majority of law enforcement Officers don't want to get involved in a use-of-force incident. Its the citizen's who are really in control of the Police Officer's actions. The answer to the question on how to avoid a violent confrontation with law enforcement begins and ends on page one, with one single message with one single sentence. I hope you find the book a bit humorous but the message is important. It can literally save lives.

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About Author

Lewis, Michael
Michael Lewis is the author/Co-author of seven books, including A Guy Walks into a Bar..., The Films of Harrison Ford, The Films of Tom Hanks, and The Cheapskate's Guide to Walt Disney World. He works as an editor, primarily of books about popular culture. He lives in New Jersey and his favorite Beatles song is "A Day in the Life."

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