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Green Hermeticism: Alchemy and Ecology
Paperback - English

Hermeticism, or alchemy, is the ancient, primordial mystery science of nature through which people in all times and places have, for the sake of world evolution, sought to unite Heaven and Earth--divinity, cosmos, earth, and humanity, as a single whole. Selfless, intimate, dedicated to healing and harmony, Hermeticism has accompanied and sustained every religious epoch and revelation. It may be found in all historical cultures, from the traditions of India and China in the East to the Judeo-Christian West. It could even be said that Hermeticism is the primal cosmological revelation and the common ground of all spiritual traditions.

Nevertheless, in the great revival of mystical, esoteric traditions and practices during the last century, Hermetic tradition--in fact, Nature herself--has been largely ignored. Today, when the Earth seems most under attack, Green Hermeticism is especially appropriate. The book explores not only the ancient Masters' inner science, but also their science of Nature.

During spring and summer 2006, Pir Zia Khan convened a series of gatherings to begin to unfold the contemporary meaning of ancient, sacred science for our time. Green Hermeticism is a partial record of that meeting.

Peter Lamborn Wilson, explores the many ramifications of the alternative worldview offered by Hermeticism.

Christopher Bamford provides a broad historical overview of the tradition from the Ancient Mysteries to contemporary manifestations of the alchemical tradition.

Kevin Townley brings a practical dimension to the gathering teaching the preparation of herbal elixirs and demonstrating that cosmology and philosophy can become a truly healing path for the Earth.

Green Hermeticism is necessary reading for anyone seeking a spiritual and cultural path for the healing of the current ecological and cultural crisis.


Editor's Preface and Acknowledgments
Introductory Words and Welcome by Pir Zia Inayat-Khan

1. Disciples at Sa s: A Sacred Theory of Earth (Peter Lamborn Wilson)
2. Alchemy as Sacred Ecology (Christopher Bamford)
3. Green Hermeticism (Peter Lamborn Wilson)
4. Quilting Green Hermeticism, a Tissue of Texts and Tracings (Christopher Bamford)
5. The Manufacture and Use of Planetary Tinctures (Kevin Townley)


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About Author

Townley, Kevin
Townley entered the Carmelite Seminary in his early teens to study for the Catholic preiesthood. After leaving the seminary he began a lifelong study of the ancient Universal Wisdom as taught by the various world traditions which include astrology, alchemy, magic, Tarot and a host of other subjects. He has studied and lectured in Europe, Asis and all over the United States.

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