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Fresh Flash: New Design Ideas with Flash MX
Paperback - English

Upgrade thinking, upgrade attitude, and upgrade standards to take on board the exciting features incorporated into the latest version of Flash. From the acclaimed team that wrote "Flash Math Creativity" comes this inspiring volume, full of brand new effects and discussion on what Flash MX is going to do for designers. ...

So you think you've got to grips with the features of Macromedia Flash MX?

Welcome to this inspirations upgrade from friends of ED. Upgrade your thinking, upgrade your attitude, and upgrade your standards to take on board the host of exciting features incorporated into this version of Flash.

With this title, we run the gamut of new features, from the Drawing API (to die for), through new video compression, Scriptable Masks and Components. We explore the new territory with experimental interfaces, check out the improvements in the 3D arena, and quarry the back-end technologies to see what gems we can turn up!

Some of the best designers in the Web community have concentrated their efforts on this project. This has resulted in the highest caliber of work, including an exclusive insight into the creation of Jim Armstrong's New York Flash Film Festival final piece.

From the acclaimed team that brought you Flash Math Creativity comes this inspiring volume, full of brand new effects and discussion on what Flash MX is going to do for designers--and where we go from here.

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Williams, Brandon
Brandon is a senior at Spring Woods High School in Houston, Texas, with many years of mathematics and computer science study in his c.v. His mathematics focus has been single and multivariable calculus, real analysis, linear algebra, ordinary differential equations, elementary combinatorics, and number theory. His computer science experience is based on programming design, object-oriented programming, and problem solving. His goal is to pursue a Ph.D. in Mathematics. In his spare time, he helps run the math forum at Were-Here under the name of ahab, and works for Eyeland Studios as a games pro

Tarbell, Jared
Jared Tarbell was born in 1973 to William and Suzon Davis Tarbell in the high-altitude desert city of Albuquerque, New Mexico. First introduced to personal computers in 1987, Jared's interest in computation has grown in direct proportion to the processing power of these machines. Jared holds a bachelor of science degree in computer science from New Mexico State University. He sits on the board of the Austin Museum of Digital Art, where he helps promote and encourage appreciation of the arts within the global community. Jared is most interested in the visualization of large data sets, and the e

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