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Return to the High Country: New Tales of a High Sierra Pack Cook
Paperback - English

Sittin' around the mountain campfire after a long day of camp cooking and trail riding, this old camp cook entertains the guests with stories of life in the High Lonesome. A few years back she put a bunch of the tales together in a little book called "Campfire Smoke and Trail Dust." She felt real bad on the last book when she got one of the "Wreck" stories wrong and got accused of not being truthful. No problem. There are always more stories to tell when life consists of roaring streams, impassible snowbanks, cliff trails, half-broke mules, and other entertaining stuff. So, being retired and armed with 50 years worth of stories, "Mad Dog" Kritz went ahead and wrote this second book.

In this book she went ahead and threw in a few outright lies just so she didn't have to feel bad about messing with the truth. It's also funnier that way. Of course, you folks have no way of telling which ones are true and which are not. Here's a clue. Stories that involve dogs, marmots, mountain lions, mules, and deer are all true. Hope you enjoy it. And by the way, being named "Mad Dog" isn't one of the lies.

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