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Clairvoyance, Thought Transference, Auto Trance, and Spiritualism (1916)
Paperback - English

This work is intended to cover such intensely interesting subjects as Thought-Transference, Mental Telepathy, Clairvoyance, Psychometry, Hypnotism and Spiritualism. Thought-reading is duly considered and explained. A clear distinction is drawn between Musculation, or Muscle and Mind-Reading; and although these pages are not confined to Thought-Reading, as generally understood by the public, the subject itself, and as an entertainment, have been most fully dealt with. Thought-Transference and Telepathy may, indeed, be an indication of a higher mode of communication between human beings after we have severed our temporary connection with matter. Whether or not, the hope should repay our study. I have in the following pages to briefly define and illustrate what these phases of communication are. Double and Psychic Consciousness, Clairvoyance, natural and induced; Psychometry, its natural and leading features as a spiritual faculty; Thought-Transference, visions, dreams, and their portents, are in turn briefly dealt with, in order to extract therefrom some evidence of the action of the human soul. Modern Spiritualism is referred to, in so far as Thought-Reading is likely to throw any light upon its psychological phases, as well as on its physical phenomena. While attempting to cover so much ground my difficulty was not what to write, but what not to write, the materials at my disposal being so abundant. Much has been cut down to get the whole within reasonable compass. Nevertheless, I know the reader will find this book a most valuable work on the above subject.

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