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Reader's Digest Health Secrets for Long Life: 1206 Tips for a Healthy Mind and Body
Paperback - English

Simple changes or additions to your diet, exercise habits, and daily routine can boost your physical and mental health at every stage of life.

Did you know that dried fruits can help banish brain fog? That a daily does of aspirin may help prevent cancer? That honey treats hangovers? These are just a few of the hundreds of tips and facts contained in Reader's Digest Health Secrets for Long Life.

Here you'll find information from around the world on special diets, prescription drugs, herbal medicine, and home remedies as well as the safest and most effective treatments to include in this easy-to-use family health reference. Stay young, happy, and vibrant with simple suggestions such as the following:

  • Get a flu shot to prevent heart attacks. Heart attacks are more common in the winter, especially among people who have had an infection such as the flu a week or two earlier.
  • Warm your feet to ease headaches. Putting your feet in a bowl of warm water dilates the blood vessels in your feet and draws the blood away from your head, which may ease pain.
  • Lift weights to lower your blood pressure. It improves blood flow and triggers a long-lasting drop in blood pressure.
  • Use the power of flowers and herbs to ease your mood. Bach Flower Rescue Remedy is a popular standby for moments of emotional crisis. Lemon-scented lemon balm calms anxiety and depression.

Reviewed by medical and nutrition experts, Reader's Digest Health Secrets for Long Life offers essential information to boost your physical, mental, and emotional health at every stage of life.

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