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Secrets Of The 800+ Club: How to Raise Your Credit Score, Maintain Good Credit, and Live the Life of Unicorns
Paperback - English

Credit can be one of the most important negotiating factors in your financial toolbox. With good credit, you gain access to lower interest rates, premium credit cards, and greater spending power. But why stop there? In Secrets of the 800+ Club, industry veteran Terrell Dinkins spills her best secrets for taking your credit score all the way to the top. Her tried-and-true techniques will not only help achieve financial peace, but decode every factor that goes into determining your credit score. Each calculated step is designed to help you reach the coveted 800+ club.

Join the club and start reaping all the perks of membership. From the very best rates to absolute financial security, you too, can start living the life of unicorns---those who consistently maintain excellent credit. It's time to see your hard work pay off, so start unlocking the secrets today and maximize your credit potential

Secrets of the 800+ Club will help readers:

 Learn strategies and solutions to raise their credit score

 Be able to continue to maintain good credit

 Identify false promises, scams, and myths regarding credit, including how much you should use

 Understand the importance of learning about good credit and financial practices at an early age, to avoid the burden of debt later in life

Terrell Dinkins, MBA, ChFC(R), CDFA(R), is a financial advisor, wealth empowerment speaker, and author. She has been featured in magazines and newspapers and has spoken to numerous groups, providing expert advice on personal finance. Secrets of the 800+ Club is her second book. Her first book, One Bucket at a Time: A Woman's Guild to Creating Wealth, was released in 2015.

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