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Golf Basics 101: A Beginner's Guide to Equipment, Terminology and Understanding Your Clubs
Paperback - English

Have you caught the "golfing bug?" Lately, it seems as if everyone has it. If you've decided to join the growing packs of enthusiastic golfers, Golf Basics 101 will ease you into the wonderful world of golfing with a heaping helping of grace, style, and proper form. Golf enthusiast and physical education instruction instructor, Larry Duncan, has written this insider's guide to beginner's golf--focused on cluing you in to the unique language, manners, and nuances that sets the sport of golf apart from other sports. Golf isn't tennis and it's not football or basketball either. There is a unique language and etiquette that you must master if you want to excel and "play nice" with other golfers. A few of the golfing fundamentals you'll learn include: o Golf terminology o Golf course behavior and etiquette o Selection and Care of Golfing equipment o Training and educational options Duncan devotes an entire chapter to club selection--skillfully explaining the purpose, and pro and con of each type of golf club, before explaining how to perfect your stance, grip, and putting techniques. If you follow Duncan's instructions, you'll greatly increase your chance of hitting the golf ball exactly where you want it to land. Isn't that what the game is all about? Once you've mastered your basic golfing technique, you'll spend a lot of time practicing on the golf course. To help you avoid common challenges, Duncan discusses the essential elements of the golf course, telling you exactly what types of traps to expect and things to consider when you are planning your ideal golf outing. Golf Basics 101 provides all of the tips and pointers you'll need to enjoy a rousing, rewarding round of beginner's golf. As Duncan puts it: "A bad day on the golf course beats the best day a person can have at work."

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