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Horse Training Basics 101: Beginner's Guide to Horsemanship, Training and Safety
By Jordan, Sue        
Paperback - English

Owning your first horse requires some basic training that can be challenging yet also very rewarding. This beginner's guide will help you build a solid training foundation and establish trust and respect between you and your horse. Learn how to recognize and buy a trainable, even tempered horse that is suitable for your skill level. Author Sue Jordan covers the cost of maintain a horse and the potential risks that can occur when interacting and training your newly acquired horse. Start your training off on the right foot with an entire chapter devoted to avoiding common mistakes that new owners are often guilty of making due to the lack of experience and knowledge. Other important training issue throughout this guide: o using voice commands o lead rope training o handling behavioral issues o how to teach a longer slide o trailer loading In case your horse has never been transported in a trailer, Jordan covers how to load a horse into a horse trailer and the 5 most common errors to avoid so the process is safe and as stress free for both horse and owner. Learn how to be a responsible horse owner and learn basic training techniques with the advice and tips provided in this beginners guide.

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About Author

Jordan, Sue
Sue Jordan is Senior Lecturer in the School of Health Science at Swansea University, Wales, UK.

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