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The German Shepherd Big Book: All About the German Shepherd Breed: What Every Shepherd Owner Needs to Know About His or Her Pet
Paperback - English

You love German Shepherds. They are great family dogs exhibiting fierce loyalty, impressive good looks, intelligence, courage, and a highly protective nature. Who can blame you for wanting a German Shepherd as your lifelong "best friend" and protector? Not so fast While it's true that the German Shepherd is a popular, highly valued and desirable canine companion; the breed, much like all breeds, is not a perfect fit for every person, setting, lifestyle or family situation. Amy Morford created the The German Shepherd Big Book to help you figure out if a German Shepherd is a good pet for your individual needs as well as determining if you can meet the demanding emotional and physical requirements of the breed. This book is not intended as a training guide. It was created to familiarize you with the German's Shepherd's background, main characteristics, dominant traits, and health concerns; with tips on selection and care. Morford kicks off with a fascinating history of the breed--thoroughly explaining how a dog that was originally bred to herd sheep morphed into a drug and cadaver discovery working dog; a service and therapy dog to the blind, deaf, and disabled; protective family pet, military dog or police patrol partner. In the second chapter, Morford examines the time, money, energy-level, and lifestyle required to meet the needs of a German Shepherd so that both the dog and its human companion aren't miserable because of a failure to provide proper food, shelter, exercise, and companionship. To assist in selecting your first German Shepherd, Morford compares and contrasts American versus German bloodlines; male versus female: a puppy versus an adult dog; various coat types and colors; and breeder versus rescue adoption. Two must-read chapters concern how to select a breeder and common health problems experienced by the breed. Don't buy a German Shepherd without reading those chapters

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