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Rising of the Israelite
Paperback - English

The blatant conspiracy by the world governments to deny a certain group of people of their history, heritage and legacy is the biggest crime that has ever been committed in the history of the world. For years the political powers along with some of the most influential church leaders in the world have been a part of a major cover up to keep the Hebrew people in a state of mental and spiritual bondage that began way before the early years of the slave trade. To the general reader the Hebrew people are the chosen first fruit of The Most High, they have been persecuted, rapped, sold into slavery, murdered and oppressed, and all because they are the chosen people of The Most High. These are just some of the issues surrounding the Hebrews today, this book will explore what is the true purpose of the Hebrew Israelites and how they are beginning to wake up to and deal with their true identity today. This book also explores how The Most High is carefully placing his people back into the natural position as their 400 years of captivity from 1619 to 2019 finally comes to an end. They will be the new rulers of the earth and show how that The Most High has planned for them to lead other nation's way before they became disobedient by not following his laws, statues and commandments.

Genesis 15:13

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