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Dad's Special Loving Daughters
Paperback - English

Michael Lewis is dedicated to the happiness of his family. The girls include his wife Brenda, his four daughters Rollie, Leigh-Anne, Chelsea, and Sarah, and Sarah's spouse Melissa. During the family's lifetime, the six of them have received about one hundred and fifty poems each written by Daddy. They always enjoy his poems on special occasions every year and love each one they receive. He spent his professional working career on engineering projects. His support to them led them to implement Quality Management requirements. With Michael's help they won the National Quality Management Award presented to them by the U.S. President and Chief Army Officers. During Michael's full lifetime he attended Methodist, Episcopal and Presbyterian churches with a strong Christiam belief and regular worship of God and Jesus Christ. Michael developed poems for his iv six girls covering their lifetime Christian beliefs. This book is written to as many people as possible for their importance and entertainment. Michael wants to give to every girl in the world what he has given to his own wonderful girls.

Dad's birth (Michael's) was to his Mom and Dad in the year 1951. As a child he immediately started attending the neighborhood's Fairview United Methodist Church on a steady basis. His parents provided positive encouragement and support for everything he did. He was a small child around 2 years old when he became extremely close to wonderful neighbors such as Mrs. Chase and Mrs. Rogers. During his childhood he loved a close relationship with his Grandfather Lewis and Grandmother Burton (two helpful and perfect Christians). At 6 years old he entered the 1st Grade under a woman teacher he loved, Mrs. Williams. Over the next grade classes and middle schools, he did extremely well and had many significant passed scores. In Middle School, he had extremely good English grades from Mrs. Hartman. In Middle School, he was educated well on National and Tennessee History by Mr. Herman Tester. In High School, he was regionally recognized as its third best student for his Math capabilities provided by his teacher Mr. Gary Stafford. x In High School, he started on the basketball team for head coach, Mr. Hobart Powell. In High School, he started on the baseball team for head coach, Mr. Herman Tester. As a teenager, he had a number of friends having fun together (Bill, David, Sonny, Carl). He had a number of teenage girl friends and cousins (especially sister Kathy). He learned to not judge other people's attitude, mistakes and faults, but to admire their nationality, skin color, language, financial situation, Christianity, and treating you as a positive person. He had some very talented math and engineering professors at the Univ. Tennessee. He found and married a perfect, loving wife of Brenda. They had four daughters born between 1981 and 1987. He learned and enjoyed his work under Holston Defense Corporate presidents, John Bearden and Al King. He had wonderful relationships with four Christian Ministers who built his Christian confidence: Doug Berndt Episcopal, Jack Raymore Presbyterian, Dan Clark Presbyterian, and Collin (and wife Blair) Adams Presbyterians. He has had many adult friends (male and female) who continue to build his confidence and maturity in Christ Jesus. xi He views his four daughters, now adults, who have motivated him over the past 35 years to write poems for them on a regular basis because they share his love. For Dad, everything in his life (including writing the materials used in this book over the past 35 years) was made possible by his Trust and Faith in Christ Jesus. I hope you get some closeness to Christ Jesus by reading these poems

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