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The World's Strangest True Mysteries: FATE's Library of the Paranormal and the Unknown
Paperback - English

Amazon Top 10 in Paranormal & Supernatural Weird Mysteries That Defy the Laws of Science. Do Their Answers Lie In The Unknown World Beyond Our Senses? FATE's Strange series sold over 2,000,000 copies in the 70s & 80s. Now new audiences are making it a leading title on Amazon Paranormal."FATE is about UFOs, the paranormal, all that stuff. I find it fascinating " says Stephen King. Now YOU can read the best from its sixty-plus years and 700 issues.The fantastic-but-true accounts in this collection happened to real people who were average in every way but one. They had an experience that went beyond the normal and were drawn into the incredible world of the paranormal Prophetic DreamsGhostsSpiritual HealingsUFOsPsychic PowersWitchcraftHauntingsPoltergeistsS ancesFire WalkingAngelsCursesAstral TravelWhat are the secrets of these phenomena? Will science ever understand the world beyond our senses? You'll find the startling answers in this exciting collection of authenticated articles from the pages of FATE-America's most famous, most widely read magazine dealing with the incredible world of the psychic, paranormal and the occult.An extraordinary book The World's Strangest True Mysteries is filled with accounts of extraordinary people and occurrences for which the best minds of science can offer little or no explanation."FATE is the best publication of its kind - ever " -Brad SteigerDon't miss The Best of FATE: The World's Strangest True Stories or The Best of FATE UFOs and Close Encounters.

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