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Revelation - Made Easy: A Study Guide for the Book of Revelation
Paperback - English

The Book of Revelation is highly symbolic and can be intimidating for most readers. This study guide is designed to assist the reader in understanding what John the Revelator is writing as dictated by the angel. This study guide will also aide the reader in understanding the symbols and how they relate to today's time. It will further enlighten the reader on what is and what is to come in the end time. Barbara Taylor (affectionately known as Dr. Barb), is the Pastor of Family New Life Ministries in Sandy Spring, Maryland. Dr. Barb has an enormous love for God and His people. Dr. Barb believes that effective ministry will motivate people to change the way they that think. When people change the way that they think, they will change the way that they live. Dr. Barb holds a Bachelor of Arts in Pastoral Counseling and a Master of Arts in Clinical Pastoral Counseling from Central Christian University. Dr. Barb also holds a Doctorate Degree in Pastoral Counseling with emphasis in Christian Education. Through the teachings of Dr. Barb, many people have learned how to live better lives and become better ambassadors for the building of the Kingdom. Dr. Barb's teaching has brought clarity into the lives of many people and a breathe of fresh hope to the broken in spirit. These teachings ushers in fresh word for today's times.

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