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Healing from infidelity: Understand why we cheat, how to find forgiveness and rebuild trust in your relationship
Paperback - English

It is always difficult to deal with problems that occur constantly in our relationships, and people find it hard to overcome these problems in order to rebuild their relations with their partners.
It is even harder when these problems arise because your partner cheats on you. This is one of the situations where it seems as if it is virtually impossible for you both to get back to how you were before. Many of these stories end with broken-hearted, and angry breakups or divorces. However, as far as psychology is concerned, there are several reasons as to why your partner can cheat on you, and some of them prove that their actions, however wrong they might be, can be forgiven. There are many situations where we need to be more understanding and find strength for forgiveness and give a chance to rebuild a solid trust between you and your partner in your relationship. All of this depends on various situations: whether you discovered the truth, or if it was confessed to you by your partner, whether they felt truly remorseful for what they did, or whether you find that there are patterns suggesting that this might happen again in the future as well. We have to keep all these factors in our mind while taking the decision, and more often than not, we do not know of this piece of information and blindly take the wrong turn away from our beloved relationships.
It breaks our hearts when we catch our partners with someone else. The pain is no less when the confession comes from them itself. However, the latter option is miles better as it still promotes one of the key elements of a relationship: the need for honest communication. It is extremely important for us to recognize that some relationships are worth saving, and to find in our hearts a place for forgiveness.
Inside you will find:
- Causes of infidelity- Differences between man and woman- Separation and divorce- Confession versus discovery- Jealousy and vengeance- How betrayal impacts you- "From destroyer to healer"- Ideas for rebuilding sexual safety- Common mistakes to avoid

Would you like to know more?Purchase "Healing from infidelity" by Erika Bradley to have good knowledge about relationships and rebuild trust if you've faced infidelity.

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