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Your Personal Success Quotient, Volume 1: Calibrating Yourself for Success Through the Power of Numerology
Paperback - English

We all resonate a unique energetic vibration. The problem is when we try to be what others want us to be rather than what were Divinely chosen to be, living out of tune and against our natural energetic and vibrational make-up. It is then we wonder why life does not work. When we jump from relationship to relationship, career to career, lacking focus and muting our calling and shout from our soul. When we move away from the vibrational calibration of what we were designed to be. *Your Personal Success Quotient - Calibrating Your Success Through the Power of Numerology* provides a modern and relevant twist to the ancient science of Numerology. Through easy calculations based on your official birth name and date of birth, Terri Weston provides a guide for discovering your vibrational blueprint illuminating your strengths, as well as indicating areas of your life which could benefit from a little guidance and support from others. Discover the whys of your past and gain clarity of your present. And create a personal almanac with favorable timing for big events to routine tasks. * *Career: * Discover if you are in your best vocation, profession, or focus of education. * *Love: * If you're single, find how to choose your best partner from the beginning. And if you are in a relationship, learn what you bring and what you need for a healthy relationship. * *Money: * Recognize a favorable path for your financial future including insights into direction, as well as whether to staying the course or favorable timing for change. * *Talents: * Discover what you are naturally good at and how to utilize those talents for personal and professional success. * *Timing: * Plan your life and live your plan recognizing your most favorable days for special events to the practical responsibilities. * *Home: * Learn how to find a home that resonates with you. Can't relocate? Discover simple tips for establishing a favorable vibe within your current home. * And more *Your Personal Success Quotient* allows you to create a roadmap and calibrate your personal GPS of sorts based on your talents and your soul-based motivations for greater and sustainable success and abundance. It enables you to better adjust to the unexpected, selecting alternatives for exploration and for dealing with road blocks and challenges based on your innate talents and wisdom along your life's path. Perfection is not a life without challenges, growing experiences, and detours. It is the blessings of grace, preparation, and timing of being in right place at the right time. Read it for yourself and discover the opportunities of a life lived by your numbers

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