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Labrador Retriever With The Block Head
Hardcover - English

Praise for Labrador Retriever with the Block Head

"This book is so timely and entertaining that PIXAR should contact Sabrina Fair Andronica immediately!" - Robert Davi (Goonies; License To Kill)

"A graceful and familiar story about unconditional love from a deserving rescue pitbull changing one family's world, and our own illusions." - Aleksandra Schiffer, I Stand With My Pack, Founder and President

"It's amazing how this book speaks from a pit bull's perspective and highlights the fact that they are often mislabeled, feared, vilified and they feel it. As a dog rescuer and pit bull advocate, I would recommend this book to people of all ages in hopes that it inspires more compassion for this incredible breed!" - Shoshi G., founder, Underdog Heroes Rescue

"Sabrina Fair Andronica has written a beautiful and much needed story about the importance of accepting ourselves and accepting each other. She teaches this lesson by featuring a sweet and lonely pitbull who hides behind a mask in order to find love and acceptance. I hope that by reading this book every child will not only be inspired to stand up against discrimination, but also feel empowered to live their truth." - Lisa Potiker M.A. Ed., Pitty Pawfessors, Founder, Educator, Curriculum Specialist

"Beautifully written story for a beautiful breed that's so misunderstood." - Charli Sotiriou, The Arc Animal Sanctuary

"She's loved until they realize she's a Pit Bull. It's always the other end of the leash." - Mark Rulon, founder of Southern California Pit Bull Rescue

"The telling of this dog's journey is a thoughtful look at the hardship and discrimination that many pit bull type dogs experience, with the ending that they all deserve!" - Kailyn Lavoie, Board Secretary, Love-A-Bull, Inc.

"I have rescued thousands of 'pit bulls' in 43-years and I am always sad that one of the sweetest breeds ever to bless our planet is so badly treated. Children everywhere need this book." - Leo Grillo, founder, DELTA Rescue

"This is an important book for children to understand that discrimination does not just apply to people. The same lessons we must learn in order to be better to each other apply to the way we must think about dogs breeds, especially Pitbulls. Sabrina Fair Andronica has done a wonderful job in capturing this lesson in 'Labrador Retriever with the Blockhead'" - Tom Bohne, Founder, Kennel to Couch

"Pit bulls, much like humans with mental illness, are often treated differently due to the stigma they face. This book shows that acceptance is the first step in breaking the stigma." - Sheila Patel, Retired Marriage and Family Therapist

When a homeless Pitbull finds a Labrador Retriever mask the morning after Halloween, she wears it with hope of finding her forever family. This is her chance to find a home as America's #1 family dog! She'll finally be popular and loved! Or will she? Feeling forced to be someone she's not, she embarks on a path full of obstacles, surprises and life lessons. Will she ever be accepted for the kind and loyal friend she is without the facade? Will she not only find her forever home, but also herself?

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