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How to Sync Kindle Books on Devices: The Fastest Guide You Can Have To Sync In Less Than 1 Minute (Fire Tablet, Kindle App, E-Reader)
Paperback - English

You want to discover how to Sync all your devices in 1 minute? Then please, keep reading.
Syncing across all your devices is just a matter of accesing a few options and you're good to go.
One of the cool things is that after syncing, you can read from your iPad the same page you left on your iPhone/e-Reader, etc.You don't even need to remember the page number of the book/books you're reading.

What you will discover in this quick read:

  • Tips & Tricks for Sync to work properly.
  • Enable Sync from your Amazon Account.
  • Enable Sync from your Kindle e-Reader.
  • Enable Sync from the Kindle Android App.
  • Enable Sync from the Kindle iOS App (iPhone and iPad).
  • Enable Sync for non-Amazon Books.
  • What to do when Sync doesn't work.
  • How to Disable Kindle Syncing.
Also, you won't have to worry about losing your recent activity.

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