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Covert Manipulation: Discover How to Deal with Narcissism: Recover Yourself from Narcissistic Emotional Abuse caused by Toxic Relationships
Paperback - English

Have you been the victim of a narcissist?Have they manipulated you, wrecked your confidence and made you doubt your sanity?Is it time to learn how to deal with them and preserve your sanity?

If the answer to these questions is Yes then keep reading...

For anyone who has ever been the victim of a narcissist, gone through the agonies of self-doubt and emotional abuse and even thought that their behavior would be the end of you, then you will know how dangerous they can be. At the time it may have seemed like there was no way out, but there are effective ways you can deal with these people.

Inside the pages of this book, Covert Manipulation: Discover How to Deal with Narcissism, Recover Yourself from Narcissistic Emotional Abuse Caused by Toxic Relationships with Passive-Aggressive Narcissists, you will learn the secrets that narcissists didn't want you to know, like:

  • What Covert Emotional Manipulation means
  • The narcissistic personality
  • The traits of favorite targets for Emotional Manipulators
  • Mind games and other Covert Manipulation tactics
  • Covert Manipulation in friendships and love
  • How defend and heal yourself
  • And much more

If you are going through hell with someone who tells you they love you but simply want to control and manipulate you, then you need to read Covert Manipulation right now, before it's too late.

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