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Agile Project Management: An Easy Step by Step Handbook to Learn Agile Project Management and Make Innovative Products
By Moore, Alex        
Paperback - English

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Over the last decade and a half, Agile Project Management has surged in popularity across the globe. Organizations of all types and sizes have leveraged Agile with enviable results. Agile Project Management is a flexible, responsive, and powerful tool for a project manager's toolkit. As a project manager, you know that Agile will deliver tremendous organizational benefits, but do you know enough about Agile to reap the rewards?

When it comes to software development, "Agile Project Management: An Easy Step by Step Handbook to Learn Agile Project Management and Make Innovative Products" is a book that makes your journey of software design or development easier. This is a book that shows the basic and simple principles, Control tools, techniques Methodology and processes of Agile Project management to ensure that your project is successful. It reflects the progress and refinement of agile methods from its initiation to the present state. Agile Project Management offers a practical context for understanding and applying the agile techniques, moving from theory into actual practical experience. Agile Project Management enables developers to complete and implement projects more quickly.

Why is agile project management?

Software development methodologies have advanced since business requirements became more demanding. With the fast pace of business change in the 21st century many projects need to be sure they will deliver something that meets client needs at the end of the project and not expend wasted effort refining requirements that will be out of date by the time the end-product is delivered. Even in business environments that do not change rapidly it can be difficult to fully articulate requirements without seeing a tangible product first so there is still the risk of delivering something that doesn't quite meet the client's needs. That is why agile is becoming increasingly necessary for many different types of projects. Agile development focuses majorly on adding value to customers.

Open and study this book and find out:

  • The Origins of Agile: How a Group of 17 Software Professionals at a 2001 Conference in Chicago Gave Birth to the World's Most Iconic System of Project Management
  • Why Agile Project Management Techniques works better than the Historical Traditional Project Management Model.
  • The multiples and various uses of Agile Project Management
  • The basic steps for putting Agile into Action. Not just productivity and product quality but also maintaining a good working environment.
  • Problem solving techniques and strategies in Agile Project Management. How, where and why of successful implementation.

Even if you don't know a thing about the Agile project management method, you can learn by just reading this book and applying the principles written in the book.

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