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Empath: A Guide To Understanding, Defending & Nurturing Your Precious Gift
Paperback - English

An Essential Guide For Sensitive Souls

It takes all kinds to make the world. All souls on this planet have different strengths and weaknesses, distinct personality traits and temperaments, as well as different ways of seeing the world and living their lives. A curious quality unique to the human experience is the great capacity for empathy.

"Empaths" are highly sensitive people with the natural ability to feel and tap into others' affective and cognitive states. Most empaths are born this way, though the skills can be cultivated with practice and may develop over the course of a lifetime. It means being able to deeply feel someone else's experience to the point where separating one's energy from someone else's may be very difficult.

Recognizing oneself as an empath is not as easy or obvious as it would appear. These traits are typically present their whole lives but only accurately identified later on, if ever. The experiences of empaths are often confusing, and they may chalk it up to something that cannot be understood, or settle for an unsatisfying explanation.

This book is a practical guide intended to help empaths, someone who loves one, or anyone who's simply curious about the subject and wants to learn more.

In This Book You Will Learn About:

  • How to recognize if you or another person is an empath
  • The nature of Oneness and how it relates to empathic abilities
  • Masculine/Feminine polarity and sensitive individuals
  • The ups and downs of being an empath
  • Living your life day-to-day as a sensitive soul
  • "Energy Vampires" and how to deal with them
  • Maintaining and further developing your precious gift
And more

Get to know your true nature as an Empath

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