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The Men of the Khaki Cloth: U.S. Army Chaplain and Soldier Gear in WWII
Hardcover - English

The US Army Chaplain Corps served with distinction during WWII. Chaplains numbered 8,896 by the end of WWII with 186 perishing in combat, a commissioned officer casualty ratio only led by Infantry platoon leaders and combat aircrew. This study provides the basic information of the WWII chaplain: selection, training, tasks, uniforms, and equipment. It also reviews many individual soldier ecclesiastic items like bibles, rosaries and other gear. These men of the khaki cloth served under very difficult circumstances ministering soldiers during the darkest days of their lives. They served in all theaters of war, from the desert to the jungles, to the cities of Europe. The stories of rabbis, LDS and African American chaplains is also told, which is often overlooked. Jewish chaplains also had the challenging task of the aftermath of the Holocaust, being some of the few remaining rabbis on the European continent. Chaplains served all soldiers in all denominations regardless of their own affiliation. They performed church services, blessing, prayers, provided last rites and led burials. One chaplain even had to create a special weather prayer for General Patton during the Battle of the Bulge. Chaplains were highly respected by their fellow soldiers, especially since there are "no atheists in foxholes."

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