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His Dreams Come True
Paperback - English

1873*Charlie Maklin was tired of the West, tired of the heat, and tired of living hand to mouth playing poker in every town through which he rode. After losing his last few dollars to a card sharp who was more skilled than he, Charlie left town only to meet with four desperate men looking for a scapegoat for their own crime. It was a fateful meeting, the result from which he would run for over two thousand miles. It was the final straw. Heading east to check on his father's farm in Virginia, he then continued on, changed his name, and rode on, away from possible wanted posters on which his likeness might be drawn. He also thought the ocean might be just what he needed to cleanse his past and start again. Along the way he rides an exceptionally good streak of luck and finds people who help him decide his future. *Sherry Newcomb, along with her step children, runs a trawling business on Penobscot Bay. The going is tough and the family budget tight until a handsome Southerner arrives and applies for a job on her boat. Things may be looking up for them except for one despicable man, Dirk Jamison, who thinks he owns the entire town, and is bound and determined to have Sherry and her boat, come hail or high water. *Journey with them as they learn to trust that little miracles can happen every day. You'll be glad you did. This book is not religious but is inspirational, nonetheless. Not to be considered as Christian fiction. Mild language, mild sexual content, and innuendo.

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