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The Turner Diaries
Paperback - English

The Turner Diaries, a futuristic action-adventure novel, has been an
underground bestseller for more than four decades. It chronicles a
future America wracked by government oppression, revolutionary
violence, and guerrilla war.

The Turner Diaries is much more than an action-adventure novel: It
warns us of how American society might unravel if the immigration
and racial policies being pursued then -- which are being pursued to
an even greater extent today -- were allowed to continue. It is an
appeal to ordinary Americans to take responsibility for what is
happening to their country and to their world; it is an appeal for
them to change course before its nightmare predictions come true.
Unfortunately, America has not changed course -- and so the message
of The Turner Diaries is more important than ever.

The Turner Diaries first appeared in the newspaper Attack in
serialized form starting in 1975, with one chapter appearing each
month. It was published as a book in 1978. This second edition was
released in 1980. It is set in what was then the future -- the 1990s.

The book follows the adventures of underground fighter Earl Turner,
as described in his personal diary, discovered 100 years after the
revolution that swept away a corrupt and tyrannical regime,
delivered America back to its people, and remade the world.

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About Author

MacDonald, Andrew
ANDREW MACDONALD is a professor of English at Loyola University who has published widely on popular culture issues. His books include Howard Fast: A Critical Companion (Greenwood, 1996) and, with Gina Macdonald, Shape-Shifting (Greenwood, 2000).

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