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Live Happily Ever After: Moving beyond fairytales to claim the relationship you never thought possible
Hardcover - English

Having a passionate and satisfying relationship is not a myth, it is a lot learning and working together. If you really want to have a successful relationship you need practical advice on specific aspects of your relationship. Steve Johnson is transparent with stories of his own failing and what he learned in order to continue to grow his relationship with Lynne. This is a positive, fun book that will help you understand areas of your relationship that you might have overlooked.

Live Happily Ever After is written by a former pastor who officiated at over 500 weddings. In addition to preparing couples for marriage, he spent countless hours helping couples understand how they can solve the problems they were experiencing. This book is a must read for couples that want to solve problems and reach their potential. Live Happily Ever After is a straightforward comprehensive guide to build every area of your marriage.

Steve is also the author of the online relationship assessment . This book is a perfect companion to the assessment or a wonderful book on it's own.

This book will help you to understand where exactly the real challenges are in your relationship and guides you to solve those problems with practical and applicable advice. This will become your textbook for building the relationship of your dreams.

Steve and Lynne Johnson have been married for over 42 years and although they have faced many challenges, the lessons shared in this book helped them to build a strong and satisfying marriage.

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