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Physician, Heal Thyself: A Doctor's Journey from Medicine to Miracles
Paperback - English

Physician, Heal Thyself is a groundbreaking exploration of the bridge between Western medicine and spirituality from the perspective of a traditionally trained medical doctor. Drawing from her personal and clinical experiences along with scientific research, Dr. Seema Khaneja provides a clear explanation of the basic principles of A Course in Miracles, long regarded a classic among modern spiritual teachings. In doing so, she offers the reader simple, expansive, and effective tools for healing.

Do you long to experience yourself in a deeper and more expansive way? Are you a student of spirituality struggling to find a practical way to engage your inner resources to overcome a challenge in your daily life? Perhaps you are in the middle of an illness, grief, loss, or some other emotional or physical problem that leaves you feeling depressed, fearful, angry, anxious, or simply confused and overwhelmed. Your heart yearns for another way, where you can feel more peace, yet this other way eludes you.

Physician, Heal Thyself breathes hope into the most wounded aspects of our being and gives the reader tools for a deeper understanding of what it means to heal. Dr. Seema Khaneja effortlessly weaves together science, spirituality, and touching personal experiences. The result is an invitation to go deeper, to not give up, and ultimately to come home to the state of inner peace and love that is our birthright.
--Dana Roman, MS, LMHC

Dr. Khaneja's Physician Heal Thyself is an insightful journey revealing the metamorphosis of a young and bright physician into a powerful and self-actualized healer. Each chapter is crafted with love and care that transcends Western medicine, religion, and even the deeper understanding of the everyday miracles that surround us. I grew as a human being, physician, and healer from this work.
--Jennifer M. Whittington, MD, PhD

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