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Making it Personal
By Foley, Tim        
Paperback - English

A book about making prayer an essential part of one's life, specifically prayer for the inflowing of what is known as Divine Love, the very Essence of Divinity, Making It Personal covers a wide range of aspects about prayer--its history, use by Catholic contemplatives and mystics down through the ages, the problem of distractions, as well as methods of purification, what is Divine Love, and the 'soul's longings'. Heavily referenced, with liberal use of quotes from Scripture, early Christians, medieval and modern-day saints and writers--all organized and presented logically with a unique and approachable writing style.

Both a scholarly work and a personal one, Making It Personal offers the reader a bird's-eye view of the author's own prayer space, a discussion about forming one's own 'unseen prayer circle', and the author's personal 'Formal Prayer'. Also included is a glossary of terms and several modern-day testimonies of 'divine intervention'.

If you have ever wondered if contemplative prayer was meant for you or not, you need to read this book.


"A well-researched, practical, and easy-to follow guide to prayer with focus on prayer for God's Divine Love."

__Eva Peck, author of Jesus's Gospel of God's Love. Pathway Publishing.

"A potentially life-changing book, an illuminating testament to the uniqueness of God's Love, referred to by Saint Augustine as "holy love."

__ Patricia Doyle, author of Amazon bestseller, The Secret Second Coming.

Tim Foley is a published writer of feature articles and hymns ("New Birth Christian Commentary"and Songs of the Soul) by Foundation Church of the New Birth, Inc., where he served on the Board of Trustees, 2012 through 2013. Described as "a creative soul", Tim has authored two other books: The Sheepherder, and Growing Up With the Kuppingers: Childhood Memories. He is host of the Monday Evening Meditation Class in Sonoma, California, and member of the worldwide Divine Love Movement.

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