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TAO of the NAZARENE: Wisdom of Master Yshua BOOK II
Paperback - English

160 pages 5" x 8", this revised Edition of TAO of the NAZARENE book 2 of the Wisdom of the Masters series (1st edition available in e-book) has compiled into a single narrative all the teaching of Yshua (Jesus) with 37 quotes of the Dao te Ching for comparison - Sermon on the Mount, Parables by the Sea, End Time Prophecies, Instructions for Disciples, and Rebuke of the Pharisees. All arranged in easy to locate subject form. It bridges all Faiths and its compact travel size makes it suitable for devotional reading or sharing with persons who are hesitant to open the pages of the New Testament. A similar "Way to Life" is taught by each of the world's Great Religions and The Way according to Essene Master Yshua invites all hearts welcoming transformation into the DAO of humility - whether you be Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim, Jew, Christian, Zen, or New Age Spiritualist. Based on the ancient Aramaic transcripts of these scriptures and translated into modern English, it challenges previous traditions that are fading away with the enlightenment of this New Age - passing from the age of Pisces and Evangelism to the age Aquarius in which all people will "know God" and be taught themselves by the Holy Spirit. Discover for yourself how similar our religions and our concepts of "Messiah" really are Priced for gifting

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