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On My Worst Day: The Narrative Changes When Redemption Enters In
By Lynch, John        
Paperback - English

"John has been one of those used of God to bring me into these lifegiving truths of grace and our identity in Jesus. He is my friend. You will feel he is yours as you read these real-life stories of redemption."
Bart Millard of MercyMe

Not a moment of your life has been left to chance. Not a moment have you been uncared for.

Many of us stumbled into Jesus and discovered the one we'd been searching for our entire lives-whether we knew it or not. Now that we've found Him though, it's hard not to wonder where He was before...

Where was He on our worst days? Were we as overwhelmingly alone as we felt?

What if every single moment of every single day-He had been magnificently redeeming your worst days into your best ones? What if redemption wasn't a tenet of cold theology, but instead, a relationship of love that was formed most deeply, not when you were on your game, but when you couldn't seem to make sense of almost anything?

The hope-infused pages of On My Worst Day reveal the redemption you've longed for. Discover firsthand how the narrative of your life changes as you dare to believe that your worst days do not define you. With each impactful story, you will be awakened to the undeniable power of the cross that sets you free.

Whether for the first time or the first time in a long time, you will encounter the voice of God, who has adored you from the beginning and you will hear His words to you: You are enough, My child. Surpassingly enough.

Praise for On My Worst Day

"Everyone I know wants to hang out with John Lynch. He's just that type of guy. You're drawn to him, almost without explanation. Maybe it's because he's so uniquely gifted, but more likely it's because he makes you feel important. John Lynch is raw. John Lynch is real. And most importantly, John Lynch knows Jesus. This book is your chance to hang out with John, share some incredibly honest moments with him, and discover the rejuvenating power of God's grace."
Dr. Andrew Farley, host of Andrew Farley LIVE on Sirius XM, bestselling author of The Naked Gospel and Twisted Scripture

"John Lynch is a trusted storyteller who brilliantly engages the human journey, both his and ours, with kind humor, authentic insight, and deep compassion."
Paul Young, author of The Shack, Cross Roads, Eve, and Lies We Believe About God

"I urge you to listen to your heart and accept John's invitation in his book to experience, as he is, God's amazing grace."
Bill Thrall, co-founder of Trueface, co-author of The Cure

"I have never met anyone like John Lynch. He reminds me of a human lantern shining a light of God's outrageous love so bright my eyes squint. If you are so lucky as to read the magnificent On My Worst Day, you will encounter an unguarded peek into a life compellingly marked by unfathomable grace, and the vast love of a very intimate God. Let these powerful words shine as they persuade all of us who long for redemption in our own stories: 'Not a minute left to chance, not a moment uncared for.' Cheers to this important and hopeful book "
Tracy Levinson, bestselling author of Unashamed - Candid Conversations about Dating, Love, Nakedness, & Faith

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