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Night Skies of Botswana: Includes Local Star Lore
Paperback - English

Botswana is one of the best locations in Africa to view wildlife and also - because of its relatively low levels of light pollution - the stars. This book introduces the night skies of the southern hemisphere as seen from Botswana, and describes the stars and constellations that are visible to the naked eye.

The author discusses some essential stargazer's tools and tips before mapping the southern skies in a series of monthly star charts that feature the most prominent stars and constellations. A chapter on the solar system - its planets, asteroids, meteroids and other 'space junk' - presents in broad brushstrokes our corner of the visible universe. Dotted throughout the book are lively accounts of ancient African and European star lore, telling of the unfaltering connection over millennia between humans and the heavens above.

Accessible and designed for fledgling and experienced stargazers alike, Night Skies of Botswana is the perfect guide to one of southern Africa's most beautiful and enduring natural treasures.

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About Author

O'Meara, Stephen James
Author of several highly acclaimed books, including others in the celebrated Deep-Sky Companions series, Stephen James O'Meara is well known among the astronomical community for his engaging and informative writing style and for his remarkable skills as a visual observer. O'Meara spent much of his early career on the editorial staff of Sky and Telescope before joining Astronomy magazine as its Secret Sky columnist and a contributing editor. An award-winning visual observer, he was the first person to sight Halley's Comet on its return in 1985 and the first to determine visually the rotation pe

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