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Help! Why Am I Changing?: The Growing-Up Guide for Pre-Teen Boys and Girls
Paperback - English

A no-nonsense guide that equips children for the many challenging and confusing physical, emotional, and social issues they will face in adolescence.

Children are reaching puberty at a much earlier age and therefore face many teen issues long before their actual teenage years. Aimed at 9-12-year-olds, Help Why Am I Changing? helps children prepare for puberty and adolescence by informing them about a wide range of issues and addressing common concerns. It covers physical changes such as starting periods and growing body hair, emotional changes such as mood swings and feelings for the opposite sex, and social issues such as cyber-bullying. With an accessible Q&A approach, it focuses directly on the concern at hand, providing practical factual information and advice and reassurance. Examples of some of the questions tackled are: Why am I starting to get spots? / Why am I putting on weight? / Why do I feel like an outsider at school? / How can I deal with textual harassment? / Why are my parents so strict? / Why do I get angry all the time?

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Publication Date
20.83cm x 14.73cm x 1.02cm
Age Group
9 to 12
4th Grade to 7th Grade
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