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Letters from a Living Dead Man: The Anthology
Paperback - English

This anthology consists of Letters from a Living Dead Man, War Letters From a Living Dead Man, and Last Letters From a Living Dead Man.

Critics sometimes complain that we get nothing meaningful from spirit communication. They say that it is just bits of obscure information and trivia that may serve as evidence for survival of consciousness after death but that it tells us nothing about the afterlife environment. Such claims are clearly false. I have scores of books in my library in which communicating spirits have given detailed reports on afterlife conditions.

One of the very best books in this regard is "Letters from a Living Dead Man," the first of a trilogy. I discovered it in a used-book store some 20 years ago and was mesmerized by the wealth of information coming from Judge David Patterson Hatch through the hand of Elsa Barker, an American teacher, poet, author, and playwright. "I enter your mind, putting myself in absolute telepathic rapport with your mind, impressing upon your mind itself the things I wish to say," Hatch, who transitioned to the spirit world in 1912, explained to Barker, who was in a semi-trance state when receiving the "letters."

Beginning in 1914, Judge Hatch explained what he had encountered in his new existence. He told of his initial confusion, his struggles, his adjustments, his encounters with other souls, his observations, his teachers, his activities, and his progress.

In the process, he offered much philosophy and wisdom. "If you could only get hold of the idea of immortal life and cling to it " he offered. "If you could realize yourself as being without beginning and without end then you might commence to do things worthwhile."

If you are going on a trip to a foreign country, you'll likely prepare for the trip by reading about your destination in advance. Since we are all destined to make a very big "trip" at the end of our lives, it makes only sense to find out as much as possible now so that the journey is a pleasant one. I can think of no better reference than the "Letters" trilogy to prepare for that journey.

Michael E. Tymn, Vice-President

Academy of Spirituality and Paranormal Studies, Inc.

& Author of The Afterlife Revealed: What Happens After We Die.

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