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Arabic Writing Alphabet: Workbook Practice For Kindergarteners Pre School: Age 2 to 6 - LEVEL 2
Paperback - English

Arabic Writing Alphabet Workbook LEVEL 2 For Kids (Edition 2020).

*Recommended by teachers and parents (more than 700 clients satisfied).

Advantages of this book

The child is trained to:

✅ Hold and use a pencil the proper way,
✅ Write Arabic characters in their different locations (in the first, middle and end of the word),
✅ Write the proper pronunciation of each Arabic letter,
✅ Identify object names in Arabic.

This is a perfect workbook to start learning to write Arabic. It includes 58 pages of exercises with step-by-step instructions. First, the child will complete exercises that require tracing patterns in order to get accustomed to using a pencil. The large print letters will help your child or any beginner to quickly memorize and write the Arabic alphabets with punctuations. This book is a perfect choice for teachers and parents who want to teach their child or students basics at home or at school.

Recommended for:

✅ Homeschooling,
✅ Preschool,
✅ Kindergarten,
✅ Nursery,
✅ Daycare,
✅ Arabic Schools.

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