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Spiritual Secrets
Paperback - English

The universe is full of secrets. These secrets are dig, deep behind the dark. These secrets never leave us alone. The book reveals spiritual secrets about the supreme life within you. In this book, secrets about the matter, life, mind, knowledge, intelligence, money, emotions, health, bliss, consciousness, and existence are uncovered. The true secret of radiant blissful spirit is revealed in this book. This book will take you on a trip from the physical world to mental realms and then to an infinite reality. In each dimension, limitations and exploration about the evolutionary process are discussed.To know the real absolute truth, you will have to awake the secret charm inside you. Uncover the real you, by knowing the secrets, that hides mysteriously. Touch your core, for a new wonderful experience, waiting for you to explore. Read the book, to find out beautiful little secrets waiting for your concern. This book will become a voyage to find your inner peace. Uncover all the secrets of your being. Know the supreme genius within you. Find out amazing secrets to live a blissful eternal life. Satisfy your thirst with the nectar of words written in the book.When all manifested consciousness within you starts moving towards unmanifested consciousness then the secrets of absolute truth are revealed. The author hopes that the book will assist all in their journey, to discover and follow the true path of the festival of life.

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