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How to Analyze People through Body Language: Learn How to use Microexpressions and Body Language to Analyze People and Identify Personality Types
Hardcover - English

Would you like to analyze people, read body language, and manipulate situations to your benefit?

Would a new, persuasive you be an advantage for achieving your personal goals?

Many mysteries surround manipulation and persuasion and how some humans can use them to influence specific scenarios and gain advantages in daily situations. And whether you could do with a bit of help when it comes to reading people or having some control over how they think subliminally, no doubt having these skills will set you apart from the crowd.

Inside the pages of this book, you will uncover many of these secrets and be able to create a platform from which you too can begin to exert power over others, with chapters that examine:

  • Emotional Manipulation and Gaslighting
  • How you can protect yourself from others with these skills
  • How to analyze people
  • Microexpressions and Body Language
  • The 16 Personality Types and Their Traits
  • How to Influence Human Behavior
  • And much more!

Even if you have had no previous experience of the covered subjects, you will be able to learn and put into practice some of the basics within a short space of time, then build upon them each day as you know more about this fascinating art.

If you face challenges at work or in your personal life and any slight advantage could see you succeed, this is a book you must read.

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