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The Book of Horses: The Ultimate Guide to Horses Around the World
Paperback - English

The Book of Horses celebrates the world of the magnificent horse. Perfect for kids who want to know more!

Full of pictures, it transports readers from the Mongolian steppe to thrilling racetrack. The beautiful pictures - including evocative photographs and horse profiles - tell their own stories without the need for too much text. Discover the white horses of the Camargue that gallop through the sea, the lithe thoroughbreds that race at 43 miles an hour, and the brave war horses that plunged into the horror of battle, and many more. At the same time, readers will learn how to care for horses and ponies, keeping them in top condition.

Keeping your horse in good health is vital. Daily checks mean that you have a better chance of spotting something before it gets too bad to fix. Here are some handy hints about what to look for!

>Your horse should be alert--ears pricked up or flicked forward and back

>Coats should be shiny and smooth, not greasy

>Weeping eyes or nose are not a good sign, so get those checked

>Loss of appetite could indicate illness

>Rearing or bolting when being ridden could actually be a sign of dental problems!

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Publication Date
22.35cm x 22.35cm x 0.76cm
Age Group
6 to 10
1st Grade to 5th Grade
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