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The Trials of Michael Jackson
Paperback - English

News of Michael Jackson's appearances in court on paedophile charges in 2005 was broadcast to hundreds of millions of people around the world. Everyone had opinions about the testimony and the witnesses as the drama was played out in the small town of Santa Maria in California. This book not only tells the story of that trial but of what was secretly going on behind the scenes - a far more important and mysterious tale than that unfolding in the courthouse.The Trials of Michael Jackson reveals the sensational events which led to the downfall of a megastar at the hands of the mighty Sony company and an obsessive but compliant prosecutor. Using previously unpublished material, personal interviews and evidence gathered during research on three continents, Lynton Guest uncovers the truth about the bitter feud between one of the biggest corporations in the world and pop music's greatest legend.The Trials of Michael Jackson is a roller-coaster ride, from the ashes of a defeated Japan in 1945 to the twenty-first century celebrity culture which now spans the globe. It provides the most authoritative look yet at the music business and its extreme excesses over the last forty years. But more than anything else The Trials of Michael Jackson shows how the man who gave us Thriller, the biggest selling record of all time, was hunted down and all but destroyed by forces beyond even his control. The death of one of the planet's greatest legends in June 2009 has generated unprecedented speculation, rumour and controversy. There are more questions than answers and the report by the Los Angeles coroner in August 2009 means that Jackson's death is now officially a homicide.Is there a hidden agenda between Dr Conrad Murray, his paymasters AEG Live and Sony Corporation?Why was Propofol, a powerful anaesthetic administered to Michael Jackson by Dr Murray? What is Philip Anschutz's involvement in Jackson's death? Was Michael Jackson worth more dead than alive? These questions are only a few raised by Lynton Guest in this hard hitting Second Edition in his quest to seek the truth in The Trials of Michael Jackson.

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