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The Road to Immortality
Hardcover - English

Geraldine Cummins's fourth book, The Road to Immortality written in 1932, is a series of communications allegedly from F. W. H. Myers, the eminent psychologist and psychical researcher, who departed from the earth plane in1901. Communicating from the 'other side' Myers gives us a glorious vision of the progression of the human spirit through eternity. In the Introduction Beatrice Gibbes described the method of communication employed by Cummins. "She would sit at a table, cover her eyes with her left hand and concentrate on "stillness." She would then fall into a light trance or dream state. Her hand would then begin to write. In one sitting, Gibbes stated, Cummins wrote 2,000 words in 75 minutes, whereas her normal compositions were much slower-perhaps 800 words in seven or eight hours." Gibbes added that she witnessed the writing of about 50 different personalities, all claiming to be 'dead, ' and all differing in character and style, coming through Cummins' hand. Communicating through Cummins, Myers stated: "We communicate an impression through the inner mind of the medium.... Sometimes we only send the thoughts and the medium's unconscious mind clothes them in words." Speaking of God Myers explains; The term God means the Supreme Mind, the Idea behind all life, the Whole in terms of pure thought, a Whole within which is cradled the Alpha and Omega of existence as a mental concept. Every act, every thought, every fact in the history of the Universes, every part of them, is contained within that Whole. Therein is the original concept of all. Now considered a classic in afterlife literature, The Road to Immortality takes us on a journey we may all repeat some day, and with Myers as our guide, the journey is spectacular.

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