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Earth's Cosmic Ascendancy: Spirit and Extraterrestrials Guide Us Through Times of Change
Paperback - English

The 'Kingsclere S ance Group' was gathered together in the late 1970's and presided over by Leslie Bone, a gentleman of marked psychic abilities. In 1994, the light-being 'Salumet' joined us from Angelic Realms, as guide and teacher; choosing to speak via medium Eileen Roper, who rapidly assumed 'full-trance'-Eileen's own consciousness placed to one side, thus providing the purest of channels. Salumet's mission to Earth has been twofold-firstly to divert from nuclear self-extermination that we were then rushing headlong into; secondly to teach truth of existence. Although first and foremost spiritual beings, we live midst a confusion of religious beliefs, scientific belief, and the essential eternal spirituality. 21st century scientists MUST accept that mind, spirit, thought, consciousness, prayer, telepathy and aether are all external to material space-time world. The Space-time creation includes brain-a biological computer that can download thought-behind-words to its known language; thus we have the modus operandi for telepathy and for enlightening extraterrestrial communication-no language barriers It is confirmed that friendly visiting extraterrestrials built Earth's first pyramids, using spiritual science knowhow, to provide their energy needs. Tombs-speculation is nonsense and certainly not primary usage. Recorded inter-planetary conversations reveal all, and certain pyramid radio-carbon dating now takes us back 30,000 years Salumet teaches the realities of soul, past lives (many of whom speak their truths), reincarnation, power-of-thought, prophecy, all-encompassing love; also describing DNA enhancement and how those in spirit contribute towards Earth's Cosmic Ascendancy, with all of us aboard our planet, to reach higher unimagined realities, as has been indicated by Mayan prophecy.

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