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Microgreens: The Insiders Secrets To Growing Gourmet Greens & Building A Wildly Successful Microgreen Business
Paperback - English

What the world's best Microgreen growers know, that you don't...

Deep down, do you feel that you aren't getting enough nutrients in your diet?

Maybe you're over 40 years old and starting to get concerned about your health?

Fortunately, Microgreens are like fully-grown vegetables, but on steroids! Studies have shown they can contain up to 40x more nutrients compared to their fully-grown counterparts.

They're also extremely fun and rewarding to grow, growing them can be an entire hobby in itself. Have no idea where to even begin?

Or maybe you've tried growing them already, but struggle to cultivate strong, prosperous plants which germinate properly, and grow without getting completely covered in mold?

Sound familiar? It probably does, when it comes to microgreen growing, there are so many common issues you'll inevitably face - especially as an amateur grower.

Microgreens have the potential to be the next world health craze, and you can take advantage while they're still relatively unknown - no matter where in the world you live.

Not only that, you'll be able to cash in on the craze, using the business start-up advice and top tips from Donny Greens, the founder of an $8,000 per month Microgreen business in New York.

Here's just a taste of what you'll discover in this book:

- The three major misconceptions about microgreens (number two will shock you) - Pg 13

- The simple-six-step guide to growing microgreens that will thrive, instead of die

- Discover which microgreen will leave your mouth with a buzzing sensation, as if you'd licked a battery - Pg 18

- The one microgreen that can promote youthfulness and could fight inflammation

- Complete and exhaustive lists of the equipment you'll need, for both home-growers and commercial growers.

- Hear an insiders' take on optimising your light sources for success - Pg 38

- Where you should buy your seeds, and where you shouldn't

- The perfect germination & harvesting conditions for almost 100 different microgreen species - Pg 147

- Quick fixes to all of your problems, like germination, pH, wilting and mold

- Learn why a microgreen business might be the most lucrative opportunity in 2020 and beyond

- Why expanding your new-found business quickly is a surprisingly bad idea - Pg 176

- The optimum pricing strategy to make the most money from each grow cycle

- Discover how Donny Greens (a six-figure microgreen business owner) became the go-to farmer and seller in Huntington, New York and how you can become the expert in your area too

- Calculate the exact number of growing trays you'd need to operate in order to quit the soul-sucking 9-5 job you keep reluctantly clinging onto

    *BONUS* - We've included 20 Delicious and Simple Microgreens Recipes in Chapter 6 so you'll know EXACTLY how to cook with your precious produce at home.

    No matter where in the world you live, or even if you've never set one foot in a garden before, microgreen growing offers a very simple tactic to improve your health, and furthermore, a wildly profitable business opportunity that's good for our fragile planet.

    If you want to become the microgreen expert in your local area and build a wildly successful green-eco-empire, then...

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