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Backyard Chickens: A Fifth-Generation Backyard Chicken Owner Shares His Family Secrets To Keeping A Happy, Productive & Healthy Flock
Paperback - English

Do you desire an endless supply of tasty, ethically laid eggs and a happy flock of friendly chickens, that won't get mauled by predators? Then read on

By now, you're probably already aware of the countless benefits of raising and breeding your own friendly, loveable chickens. These intelligent and highly amusing backyard companions will provide you with tastier and more nutritious (up to 3x more vitamin E and 70% more vitamin B12) eggs compared to what you can find at the local store. They'll also enjoy a better quality of life, and can be a natural form of pest control on your land.

Are you about to embark on your exciting new backyard chicken journey? Do you just feel like you need a little extra guidance from a fifth-generation expert before you get started?

As a new chicken keeper, there are numerous aspects that you can easily get wrong, leading to an unhappy flock, injury, disease, and sadly even death in the worst cases.

Whether it's unsuspecting plants like buttercups or climbing lily in your yard; the coyotes, owls or the biting flies - it's crucial to know where the biggest problems most commonly come from, and then to understand precisely how to prevent them - to ensure that your precious flock is happy, healthy and safe.

Geoff and his family have raised and bred backyard chickens for decades, and the author has incredible insights and guidance to share with you, as you embark on your new journey.

☆ ☆ ☆ In Backyard Chickens, you'll discover: ☆ ☆ ☆

  • How to choose the right breeds for your coop & climate (with pictures)
  • Building or buying your coop - the best option for you, revealed
  • How you can still take vacations and holidays while keeping your chickens happy
  • 1 BIG mistake you must avoid when bringing your chickens home for the first time
  • 5+ Plants you must keep away from your backyard chickens
  • The story of the egg & the process of fertilization (with pictures)
  • The easiest and fastest ways to make money from your backyard chicken hobby...
  • Caring for baby chicks, so they grow up affectionate to you
  • Laws & Legislation for keeping roosters & hens in the USA, UK, Canada & Australia
  • Everything you need to know about hatching and incubating eggs
  • The secrets to defending your flock against nasty predators
  • How to stop accidentally feeding mice and other rodents
  • A detailed description of how to butcher your broilers
  • Know this one crucial thing about the pecking order to keep your chickens happy
  • Identifying & treating common health problems.... Even if you've never held a chicken in your life
  • 10 Myths & Misconceptions that cause beginners to fail (but not you)

Even if you're brand new to keeping chickens, with the secrets uncovered inside this book - you'll know precisely how to keep a happy flock and have more nutrient-rich, tasty eggs than you ever imagined This book makes it so simple that even a 5-year-old could keep chickens

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