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The Mindful Divorce: How To Heal And Be Happy After Separation
Paperback - English

Want to know the secrets to heal and be happy after separation and divorce?

The Mindful Divorce is packed with techniques to help you manage your stress, come to terms with your situation, feel happier and more optimistic while planning for a brighter future.

In this insightful book, you will learn how to:

  • Reduce stress levels to protect your immune system and give you the mental clarity needed to make the right decisions.
  • Come to terms with your divorce and build the confidence and sense of peace that powers you towards a brighter future.
  • Understand your values and motivations so that you can live life on your terms.
  • Eliminate negative and damaging emotions using one simple daily exercise.
  • Know what you want from life and how to achieve it to keep you strong and focused even when life gets tough and tries to knock you from your path.
  • Emerge from any crisis healthier and happier.

There is no escaping from the fact that separation hurts, but the way you handle yourself post-split will be the key to your recovery. By taking care of yourself, developing your confidence and enhancing your self-worth, you will bounce back more quickly. This is the way of the mindful divorce.

Best-selling author and coach, James Brien has helped hundreds of people through divorce, one of life's greatest challenges.

James will show you how to avoid the negative consequences that can happen when couples separate, by focusing on specific topics, that once addressed, will help you lead a healthy, positive and happy life - even if right at this moment, you don't see that as a possibility.

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