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Face of Faith: How The Broken Pieces of My Past Turned Into a Magical Life
Paperback - English

The scars that were destined to be, a face of faith born against all the odds, trauma, injury, illness, loss and adversity, she found hope, resilience, miracles and MAGIC

Whether you carry emotional or physical scars in your life, your happiness and destiny are decided by you and you alone.

Whatever challenge you might be facing right now, this must-read book by author Shelley Hunter has weaved among these inspiring pages, how you can take the steps towards improving, healing and empowering your life

It is raw, it is real and nothing short of an empowering journey where Shelley shares the trauma, the tragedies how she healed by finding the magic she connected with along the way.

Now you can take the journey discovering mindful strategies, skills and tools to guide and empower you to overcome your own challenges, find your sweet spot, achieve your dreams and find your happiness.

Whatever your past, condition, disability illness or caring role you play, no matter what your experiences or circumstances or where you are right now, this book can help plan out a Holistic Recovery Model that supports your mental and spiritual growth, that works for YOU, where you will discover your own Magical Life filled with happiness

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