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Sticks--The for Boys Only Version--Because Sticks Are Also People
Paperback - English

This is a great little book and this one is meant just for boys, the first book to be published in Penelope Dyan's "Penny Mouse Early Reader Series," in the For Boys Only Version. It is a book meant to encourage reading, creativity and the fun of learning all wrapped into one The concept is simple, but the meaning is deep. Everything about Dyan is more than it seems and less than it seems. And basically, this is a book meant for fun that a teacher can either take into the classroom or a mom can read at home, and the beauty of the poetry line is that the children can guess what comes next and begin the process of reading as their minds gravitate toward the creative, To do a book like this, you have to be able think like a child. Dyan has certainly done that So parents, please enjoy this book with your kids, and teachers, please enjoy yourselves as well, because this is exactly why Dyan created these books Watch for more Penny Mouse Early Readers, ' because they will be coming out soon Written by a former teacher, and intended just for you, it's Penny Mouse all the way "For Boys Only"(R) is a US registered trademark of Bellissima Publishing, LLC.

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