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Trace and Color: Classic British Cars: Adult Activity Book
Paperback - English

Go with the flow, follow the lines and enter a zen like state of relaxation. Trace and Color: Classic British Cars lets you recreate 29 classic British cars using nothing more than a pen or pencil. Each page in this book features a detailed drawing printed in a light gray color. All you have to do is follow the lines, relax and watch the time slip away.

Once you are finished tracing the image, you can add as little or as much color as you want. It is like having two books in one.

Great for children or adults who already show an interest in drawing.

Excellent way to relax, unwind and occupy a busy mind.

Perfect way to hone your drawing skills and perfect your line technique.

Keeps kids busy for hours.

Great for keeping the mind focused and sharp.

Increase hand to eye coordination.

Perfect for long car rides, airplane travels, train rides or any place you find yourself waiting.

We recommend placing a blank piece of paper or thick card stock under each drawing before you start tracing. This will help prevent your tracing lines from appearing on other pages in the book.

"I came up with the idea for Trace and Color when I was drawing up pages for an adult coloring book. I noticed how time seemed to slip away and I forgot about all my troubles. Being able to give you the same opportunity to relax and unwind is a true blessing. Just follow the lines and watch the time slip right on by "

Tracing Tips

Place a piece of paper or thick card stock under each page before tracing. This will help prevent your tracing lines from appearing on other pages in the book.

Use a fine tipped pencil at first. This way you can erase your happy accidents.

Ball point pens glide easily across the pages.

Try tracing with a colored pencil for a truly unique, artistic effect.

Fine tipped charcoal or graphite works great too. You can even use either of these to hone your shading techniques.

Oh yeah, Have lots of fun

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