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Monkey Money Mind: How to Stop Monkeying Around with Your Money
Hardcover - English

In Monkey Money Mind, authors Chris Zadeh and Angelique Schouten explore the psychological influences that spur our irrationality and mute our reason when it comes to financial decision-making. Featuring interviews with notable contributors, Monkey Money Mind focuses on why we stop thinking when we start spending. All proceeds will go to charity: The Gorilla Organization. EXCERPTS FROM SELECT MONKEY MONEY MIND CONTRIBUTORS The object of life is not to be rich when you die, it's to live well. Dr. Harry Markowitz, Nobel Prize winner in Economic Sciences I found myself unemployed at thirty-nine years old and paying rent out of my savings. What is your life going to be like when you can't work? Put some cash away, man! Osher Günsberg, TV personality and host of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, Australia I was twenty-five years old [when] I finally realized how poor my financial state was. I realized there's much more I want to do with my life, and I needed credit to do it, and turned everything around. Carla Moore, senior executive at HBO and bestselling author Love should never be an excuse to break the bank. Pat Williams, NBA's Orlando Magic founder

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